The Many Uses of Donor Bricks

One of the more interesting ways to raise money is through donor bricks. Meant to be a lasting testament to the generosity of the donor, the bricks can be displayed in a variety of different ways. The best ways are those that are not only display the brick, but also create something of lasting importance. This is why most bricks are incorporated into walls; the wall not only protects something but also provides a great way to display the donor bricks. However, there are a more ways to display the bricks, all depending on what kind of point that the person selling the bricks is trying to make.

The composition of the bricks can determine how it is displayed. Not all bricks are made of the standard materials; some are made of stone or even metal. It is also not unknown for glass bricks to be used although they are avoided because of how few uses they have.  Understandably metal bricks are used only for special circumstances and tend to be displayed inside as part of a more visible display, such as in a glass case. Glass bricks can be used to as part of a window or a dividing wall within the building, while stone bricks are generally used for more solid walls. 

The uses that these bricks are put to have an interesting range. In some areas the bricks can be used to for roads, and the money used to buy the bricks is going to road repairs. These bricks tend to go for pretty high prices. As they are used to replace the bricks from  cobblework roads, the opportunity for using door bricks does not always present itself, as such roads are rare and repairs to them are not done as often as other roads. However, the bricks are usually placed where others can see them, such as near curbs. 

Some groups use the bricks to build containers, such as water collectors or planters; there bricks are placed where they will be seen by those who contributed. In some areas they are used for retaining walls, usually for small gardens. The groups involved here are usually those that support gardens or trees, usually to replace those that have been destroyed by either natural disasters or some other sort of accident. They can also be used to shore up playgrounds, so as to allow for the containment of sand. Contact us for more info.

Even when used to build walls, there are some interesting variants. While the default seems to be a freestanding wall placed for the sake of a memorial there are a number of other uses. Some buildings are replacing an actual wall, and the bricks will be interspersed among the regular bricks. If used for an art gallery or other building dedicated to the arts, the bricks may be decorated, sometimes with metal frames, before being put into the wall rather than merely being carved. Regardless of the potential use all such bricks are almost always placed to so that the donor can see them, usually for generations, ensuring that the person has something to pass down to future generations.